Causa, Voices of the Dusk is multiplayer turn-based collectible card game in which players struggle to make their faction’s ideals prevail in a society that is re-emerging from a great catastrophe.

In Causa, players are invited to compete with others in symmetric and asymmetric multiplayer matches (1vs1, 2vs2, 2vs1), and develop their own story by exploring the world map, completing campaigns and customizing their interface and other elements in the game.

Causa will be available free-to-play on multiple platforms (PC, Consoles and Mobile).

Hexland Heroes is a Free-to-Play strategy/puzzle game for Mobile and PC, where each player represents a hero that aims to rescue all the territory that has been captured by its enemies, before running out of resources.

In the single player mode, each player will have to overcome multiple dangers, traps and enemy units, in over 20 different game levels. In the asynchronous multiplayer mode, each player will face the challenges built-up by its foes.